These teams are working to implement the activities identified in the Community Health Improvement Plan.

Health Improvement Committees/Workgroups


Interested in joining one or more of the committees? Please contact Chad Brown at (740) 349-6487.


Wellness Coalition

The Licking County Wellness Coalition was formed in 2006, and is comprised of a group of individuals concerned with improving the health and wellness of the citizens of Licking County.

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School Health

The Licking County School Wellness Coalition was formed in 2010 and is comprised primarily of school nurses serving the public and private schools in Licking County.  The coalition is working to develop health and wellness options that can be offered to the students and faculty in each school building in Licking County.

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Healthy Homes

The Licking County Healthy Homes Coalition was formed in 2010, and is dedicated to insuring the residents of Licking County are provided with the necessary information and resources in order for them to live in a safe and healthy home.

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comprehensive cancer control

Cancer Prevention

The Licking County Comprehensive Cancer Control Collaboration was developed in 2010, and its mission is to lessen the burden of cancer in Licking County.

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Diabetes Control

The Licking County Diabetes Alliance was formed in 2010, and its goal is to reduce the adverse health effects of Type II Diabetes in Licking County.

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Access to Care

The Licking County Access to Care & Patient Navigator Committee is dedicated to improving access to affordable health care services for those individuals in need.

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The Licking County Health Data Partnership is tasked with coordinating the health-related surveys conducted in Licking County.

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